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My Life as a Female Private Investigator 

My life was the working moms version of Groundhog"s Day. The monotony began to seep deep into the very most restless parts of my soul. I wanted to break away, not from my family that I adore or the successful business I had built but just my routine. The art of suburban living was fine for others but it wasn’t for me. I needed a change; I craved excitement. I had always harbored a secret desire and this restlessness was the catalyst that propelled me to follow that dream. I became a female private investigator. I became SpyGirl. I’m one of the few who dare to walk this path or should I say, skink down this alley. Telling my loved ones I wanted to be a private eye felt like I was announcing that I wanted to climb Everest in a bikini blindfolded. I don’t fit the typical image, my Dear Watson. Most investigators are former police or military, I was neither but I felt I had a gift. I could read people and situations. I had intuition and a knack for finding the truth and a deep desired to help others. I knew that for every bit of sad news I may have to deliver or heartache I would share with clients, I was also helping some hit reset by starting over from a place of truth. I could help people find peace of mind. With so much darkness in the world, I wanted to be light. There are endless scenarios in which people need my skills. Conventional wisdom proves to be true that women are intuitive and are nurturers. The job can be difficult. It takes strength and fortitude yet still a sense of calm. Intelligence is a must as is being curious to the core. Female private investigators are few and far between but I was not detoured. I knew this tomboy with high heels and eyelashes could do it! More women should consider being sleuths and do it in a way that is unique to their personality. I learned I am not afraid of being me. Someone once told me these words, simple but powerful. “If you see a need, fill it!” I saw a need to help others as a truth seeker. I now spend my days not only loving my work but also leading the charge to inspire women to find their unique self.