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    Our goal is to help our clients find peace of mind through excellent service and investigation skills. We provide the proof you need at affordable rates. Every case is important to us! We understand you are reaching out to us at a difficult time in your life and we care for our clients. We are here to help! Tulsa is our home but there is no place in Oklahoma we won't go! We are a full service investigation firm!

    Here are some of the types of services Tulsa Private Investigation offers:
    -locate missing persons (active and cold cases) can provide search team, search dogs, etc.
    -criminal investigations

    -post conviction

    -divorce, custody and family law
    -infidelity investigations
    - locate old friends or relatives
    -locate people that need to be served papers or need to be interviewed
    -background checks for employment or potential business partners
    -background checks for dating or dating scams
    -stalker investigations
    -fraud investigations
    -theft investigations

  • Who We Are

    Tulsa Finest Female Investigation Firm

    Established in 2011

    I am owner and operator of Tulsa Private Investigation, a Female Private Investigation Firm. Many know me as SpyGirl. I have my own brand in Tulsa. I have years of surveillance and business ownership experience. This experience combined with a keen knowledge of the industry, puts me ahead of the curve. I am armed not only with state of the art spy equipment, exclusive search engines, stealthy cameras and a Glock but some distinctively girly attributes. I believe that intuition is an important part of solving every crime. After years in the industry, I have worked successfully with both the general public and also directly with many attorneys. I have worked over 80 missing persons cases in the last 2 years alone as well as several foul play, fraud and cold cases. I believe that it takes not only having a knack for solving crime but also lots of experience and I have both. I also work many relationship based cases and as noted often on social media (links provided), I feel that to have a successful relationship, you must operate from a place of truth. If your gut tells you something isn't right, listen to your gut. I hope you will reach out to me and get to know me! I am licensed armed investigator with the State of Oklahoma. I served as the Tulsa Chapter President of the Oklahoma Investigation Association in 2014 and I am a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

    Krista Pavey

    Owner and Lead Investigator

  • How to Interact!

    Not everyone can be a private investigator but everyone can play apart in making their community safer and in helping some crimes! First things first, follow me on Facebook at The Real SpyGirl Club and SpyGirl at Tulsa Private Investigation and also follow @therealspygirl on Instagram and Twitter. I volunteer my investigation services with several search and rescue groups and you can volunteer also! If you are interested in becoming a part of a search group in Oklahoma, feel free to reach out. I also encourage those of you who are interested in true crime both recent and cold case and are interested in helping out with a group of great internet sleuths, I recommend you join the Facebook page, TruthSSSlueth, as it is the most well informed and interactive group that I have found and I love their community. Lastly, if you are interested in following a growing page focused on missing persons and helping them circulate information, I recommend the Facebook group, There is No Place Like Home, hosted by my favorite researcher and investigative journalist, Karla Vanatta. Links provided.

    Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

    -Mahatma Gandhi

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