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    Our goal is to help clients find peace of mind through excellent service and investigation skills. We provide the proof you need at affordable rates. Every case is important to us! We understand you might be reaching out to us at a difficult time in your life and are here to help! Tulsa is home but we provide service to the entire state of Oklahoma! Tulsa Private Investigation is a full service investigation firm specializing in criminal, missing persons and cold casework. We will fight for those who put their trust in our agency. We believe investigative integrity is paramount to a successful outcome and take pride in our work.

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    Here are some types of serves offered:

    - criminal defense investigation

    - sentence mitigation

    - post conviction investigation

    - cold cases

    -locate missing persons (active and cold cases) can provide search team, search dogs, etc.
    - skip tracing
    -comprehensive background checks
    - background checks for dating or dating scams

    -research based investigations
    -genealogy research

    - divorce, custody and family law
    - infidelity investigations

    -stalker investigations
    - fraud investigations
    - theft investigations
    - brand protection

  • About Tulsa Private Investigation

    Tulsa Finest Female Investigation Firm

    Established in 2012


    I am Krista Pavey, owner and operator of Tulsa Private Investigation, a Female Private Investigation Firm. I am an Oklahoma licensed armed private investigator and have owned my own firm for 10 years. I have 20 years surveillance, investigative and business ownership experience. This experience combined with a keen knowledge of the industry, puts me ahead of the curve. I believe that intuition is an important part of solving every crime. I believe that it takes not only having a knack for solving crime but also lots of experience and I have both. After years in the industry, I have worked successfully with both private clients and many attorneys. I have investigated over 100 missing persons cases and several cold cases. I work with the Oklahoma Innocence Project. My criminal casework includes criminal defense work, sentence mitigation and post conviction casework. I partner with several SAR groups across the state to provide investigative assistance to aid in searches. I investigate relationship based cases. I believe to have a successful relationship, you must operate from a place of truth. If your gut tells you something isn't right, listen. I hope you will reach out to me and get to know me!

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    Krista Pavey

    Owner/Lead Investigator

    Investigative Skills

    • research
    • case analysis
    • interviews
    • statement obtainment
    • evidence collection
    • skip tracing
    • comprehensive background research
    • open source intelligence
    • document retrieval
    • document analysis
    • surveillance techniques
    • report preparation and writing
    • video surveillance analysis
    • critical thinking
    • photography
    • undercover assignments
    • fingerprinting
    • DNA collection
    • genealogy
    • genetic genealogy
    • security analysis
    • physical search techniques

    Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.”
    ― William Faulkner


    Life and Thoughts of a Female Private Eye





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    Krista Pavey

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    410 North Main Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103